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A podcast about writing and editing, with a focus on the practical side of creative relationships and making a living in media. Author and journalist Jason Fagone talks with reporters, editors, fiction writers, fact-checkers, news curators, and producers, sharing tips and advice on how to navigate the industry, do good work, and get paid.
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Aug 23, 2016

This week Jason talks to Elon Green, a freelancer in Long Island who has dug up remarkable stories at the New York Public Library and elsewhere: a scoop on the Zodiac Killer, a tale of Edgar Allan Poe's hair, and an unsolved string of murders from the '70s. Elon got his start in journalism as an advertorial writer at the New York Observer in its heyday -- a weekly paper run by a legendary editor, Peter Kaplan -- and he reminisces about Kaplan and his influence. Elon is also known for interviewing famous writers, including Tom Wolfe, Lillian Ross, and Gay Talese, and shares the best advice he ever received from these folks. At the beginning of the episode, Jason also gives some brief advice on how to pitch a freelance story to a magazine or site.

Aug 13, 2016

Freelancers with 6-figure incomes, word rates, and the wisdom of Goodfellas: On the opening episode of Kill Fee, Jason Fagone introduces himself and travels to the New Jersey home of author and freelance journalist Jen A. Miller, for a conversation about the practical side of making a living as a writer.